The Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education Major in Chemistry is designed to provide science educators a strong background in chemistry by offering advanced chemistry and research courses that empower them to be highly competent educators and researchers in the field of chemistry education and pure/applied chemistry. It is expected that the program shall provide highly trained graduates that can take leadership roles and make an informed decision on issues about science and science education.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:

a.) develop, and sustain arguments about theories and concepts in chemistry and chemistry education

b.) design science curriculum, instruction, and authentic assessment

c.) design and utilize appropriate instructional materials relevant to the needs of diverse learners using available resources

d.) evaluate and redesign laboratory procedures utilized in both industry and academe

e.) conduct research activities responsive to the contemporary issues and challenges of the industry and community

f.) disseminate research outputs effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences

g.) identify and propose solutions to different problems related to science education that are relevant to the community

h.) promote and advocate professional and ethical standards sensitive to the local, national, and global realities

i.) facilitates specialized training for the further professional development of the organization

  • Faculty member at a research-oriented university
  • Professor
  • Master Teacher
  • School Principal/Administrator
  • Education Consultant
  • Science Program Supervisor
  • Researcher
  • Superintendent
  • Education Director
  • Curriculum Planner and Developer
  • Science teacher at the secondary and tertiary level
  • Textbook Author