The Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education (MAT-SpEd) responds the demand of the basic education of students with special educational needs and legislative mandates from the Commission on Higher Education to offer alternative delivery services and needed expertise.

Upon graduating in the program, the students shall be able to:

a.) function on multidisciplinary teams

b.) apply knowledge, the learned skills and competencies in this field

c.) design Instructional materials to facilitate the learning of children with special

d.) present and articulate views, thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written, multimedia and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts

e.) strategize strategies and methods for specific disability

f.) recognize the need for, and an ability to engage in lifelong learning

g.) understand the significance of Special Education


Upon compoletion of the program, the expertise involved the sign language skills (teaching and communicating students through signs) that eventually become a license sign language interpreter/translator; braille writing and reading and be a braille transcriber; and behavior interventionist.