Diploma in Agricultural Technology


Diploma in Agricultural Technology ladder to Bachelor in Agricultural Technology is a CHED-TESDA accredited ladderized agricultural technology course. Recent revision complies CHED’s Executive Order # 358 aimed to widen career opportunities both for employment and entrepreneurship.

DATBAT is a course for practical business-minded people and ecologically-sound attitudes, cleaves on the concept of “learning by doing” and “earning while learning”. It trains innovative young entrepreneurs who advocates global competitiveness and ensures food security.

  • DAT diploma is conferred in 3 years
  • BAT degree is conferred in 4 years.
  • DAT-BAT scholarship is available. (point this to scholarship page)
  • Curriculum prepares you to take the Licensure Examination for Agriculturist (LEA)
  • Competency on dairy farming is embedded
  • Credit fund from RP-EU is available for micro project loans.
  • lovers of plants, animals & farm machineries
  • loves to process agricultural food products
  • have passion for learning for his future enterprise
  • are diligent and responsible citizens
  • are innovative, creative and resourceful
  • has determination to take medium risk and not afraid nor ashamed to venture on business; or
  • those who want to work abroad
  • Supervisor
  • Technical Consultants in Business
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Technicians

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