Short-Term Course in Dairy Farm Assistantships Course Infographics

Short term courses that train future dairy farmers. This includes the following courses:

  • Six-month course on Dairy Farm Assistantship
  • One year course on Dairy Herd Management
  • Two year course on Dairy Farm Technology
Program Educational Objectives

The training is expected to:

  • Refresh trainees on the fundamental knowledge on dairying, and
  • Develop trainees’ manipulative skills, values and attitudes in dairy production and management
Program Outcomes

The course shall produce trainees who are equipped with the following attributes: 

  • Innovative Thinking – the trainee generates new ideas or new ways of approaching things to create possibilities and opportunities
  • Critical Thinking – the trainee objectively examines a situation by gathering information from all possible sources and evaluates both the tangible and intangible implications of any course of action.
  • Resilience – the trainee thrives, grows and develops competence in the face of adverse circumstances
  • Empathy – the trainee identifies and understands another’s situation and feelings allowing for caring relationship as well as understanding and connecting with those who may be different
  • Team work Collaboration: trainee works effectively and respectfully with diverse teams. This includes assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work and valuing the individual contributions made by each team member.
  • Communication Skills: trainee presents and articulates view, thoughts and ideas by effectively using oral, written, multimedia and non-verbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts

The progression of dairying is often taken in a series of steps. The career options:


  • Dairy Farm Assistant or Dairy Farm Worker – this is an entry level career where most dairymen takes off.
  • Dairy Herd Manager – This role requires the dairymen to take some responsibility for the cows and tasks within their control. Dairymen demonstrate strong understanding of the basic skills of milking, animal health care, feeding, maintaining pasture and performing general farm works.
  • Dairy Farm Manager-dairymen with higher degree of competence in the basic skills, has very clear understanding of the seasonal timing of tasks and duties and takes the responsibility for the day to day physical farm operations and may include responsibility for other staff employed in the farm.