Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Course Infographics

About the Program

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOCIAL WORK (BSSW CMO-39 s. 2017)The social work program prepares students for professional entry-level social work practice. The curriculum builds on a firm liberal arts foundation to develop a broad-based approached for understanding and working with people in a variety of ways. Social work is an empowering profession.

Competencies students expected to attain

Social workers are crucial to the development of society based on social justice;

 aiming to change the social circumstances of disadvantaged individuals and groups; graduates of social work are equipped with professional skills, knowledge and practical experience in counseling, community work and analyzing and developing social programs and policies.

Career Opportunities:

medical social work

  •  community development
  •  mental health
  •  community health
  •  private enterprise
  •  correctional services
  •  social security
  • family and child welfare,
  •   the aging community
  •   trial welfare,
  •   women’s issues,
  •   youth work,
  •   welfare and community planning,
  •  development and administration.

Program Curriculum

Within this various settings, social workers draw on the strength of individuals, families and community to help people discover and use their problem-solving capabilities.