USTP Research

In a range of fields, USTP raises the bar for research excellence. We’ve taken an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together experts from various disciplines. There are various research institutes and centers in our university.

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Research Centers and Institutes

Through collaboration with different industrial sectors, both locally and globally, the university research centers and institutes stay on top of industry practices, trends, and objectives. They provide reference guides in order to establish best practices.

Research and Development

The university promotes the emergence of new products, technologies, and innovation, as well as the development of innovative ideas and knowledge. This is made possible by faculty, full-time researchers, and undergraduate and graduate students collaborating in research projects. The focus of the activity is to provide products and services to university end-users and other stakeholders from various sectors.

Extension Programs and Services

The University is recognized not only for its teaching and research prowess, but also for its community service. USTP, like any other institution of higher learning, is committed in collaborating in or pursuing any initiatives, projects, or activities that contribute to the community’s advancement. The university answers to the needs of the community.

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