The University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) is a state university established on August 16, 2016 by virtue of Republic Act 10919 through the amalgamation of the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental and the Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology (MOSCAT) in Claveria, Misamis Oriental. Both campuses are located in Northern Mindanao, the Gateway to Mindanao, which offers a strategic locational advantage for the institution to train and develop students from all the other regions of Mindanao.

Main Campus

USTP Alubijid

USTP Alubijid is designated as one of USTP Science and Technology Parks (S&T Parks) which generally foster innovation in entrepreneurship. It is envisioned to be a premier university-led S&T Park in the Philippines that hosts a sustainable climate resilient and livable environment. Enjoyed by diverse values-oriented and entrepreneurial community thriving in a robust innovative and inclusive economy supported by smart, green and state-of-the-art infrastructure systems and governed by responsive, transformative and principled leadership.

Major Campuses

At the heart of the gateway of Northern Mindanao rises the Third state-run University System of the Philippines. Geared towards excellence in education, research, extension and innovation, USTP Cagayan de Oro is recognized as the CHED Center of Excellence in Information Technology and Center of Development in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics.

USTP Claveria

Located in a vast land of farms with cool temperature and a picturesque tapestry of rich livestock and ecosystem, USTP Claveria set its foot forward as the flagship of the USTP System’s agriculture studies  and research and maintains the distinction as a CHED recognized Center of Development in Agriculture Education. Farming, cultivation of food products and dairy are the major field of expertise of the school. It was chosen as one of the SUCS to have smarter approaches to reinvigorate agriculture as an industry.

Satellite Campuses

USTP Balubal

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USTP Jasaan

Located in the municipality of Jasaan Misamis Oriental. USTP Jasaan provides its community with quality education and information technology. It is expanding its frontier by offering a new industry-based program. It is said to be the hub for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Education.

USTP Oroquieta

Located in the land known for fisheries, USTP Oroquieta equips students in the field of Technology and Livelihood Education and in Information Technology. Come to USTP Oroquieta the home of the Trailblazers.

USTP Panaon

Situated in the middle of a mangrove sanctuary and coastline, USTP Panaon is definitely home to all who love Marine Biology. Experience the beauty of nature while learning. Come to USTP Panon the home of the Trailblazers.

USTP Villanueva

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