Non-Curricular Student Organizations

Non-curricular student organization seeks to promote and develop student leadership, community awareness, social responsibility and wholesome fellowship for constructive purposes through campus activities concerning community service, sports/culture, and advocacies on sociocultural political – economic affairs.

Federation of Accredited Extra-curricular Student Organizations

FAESO is your companion to developing a holistic approach to students’ talents and skills, which will be beneficial for the entire community. The organization also allows students to engage through different activities to prepare them to the real world of work strategically. As you progress in this university, you will be accompanied by individuals who will encourage you to maximize your full potential, while being part of a family.

Al-Raid Muslim Student Organization

Leadership Empowerment and Development Society

Red Cross Youth - USTP Council

Peer Group Society

USTP-Chess Enthusiasts


USTP Balangaw (USBAW)


Google Developer Student Clubs USTP

USTP - Spiritual Ministry

USTP Spiritual Ministry

USTP Scholars' Society

USTP Scholars Society is a federated organization of all scholarship grantees in the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines – Cagayan de Oro Campus.

The organization serves as the primary link between the scholars and the USTP – CDO Admission and Scholarship Office.

University City Scholars - USTP


USTP DOST-SEI Scholars Guild

Association of CHED-TES


DBP RISE for Excellent Academe Maneuvers


External Grantees

Tulong Dunong Program - Association of
Student Learning Companion

Tugon - RBR SM Foundation
Scholars' Circle

Arts and Culture Division

Provide advice about the structures and strategies to support collaborations, and facilitate the collaboration among arts programs implemented by various groups in the university/ and or community.

Develop the awareness of the University community in the various areas of culture and art appreciation;

Develop the talents and skills of the university community in their respective preferred art genre;

Provide a pool of talents who will compete in a various competitions in the local, national, and international areas;

Raise the university’s arts profile and raise awareness in the community of the depth and leadership of the university in the arts activity and thereby attract funding, both public and private, and audience support.

Sanghimig Chorale


Gintong Amihan Dance Troupe

Clique Point

Circulo de Entablado


USTP University Digital Arts

The Host - USTP

The Trailblazer Publication

The Trailblazer is the official Student Publication of USTP-CDO that help upholds the freedom of speech, challenging any censorship that would inhibit this freedom. We encourage student involvement for the upliftment of their rights and welfare, advocate for the freedom of the press and the rights of the students to be informed, and to commit to promote democratic, nationalistic, progressive, and moral values.

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